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Okay. So this is a story about a time that I got abducted by aliens with my homie, Jeff. R.I.P.

StoneyMcblaze avatar StoneyMcblaze

And I look over, and I see these big bulging eyes, and this little nose, and it's a mouse.

Jen avatar Jen

I was the owner of a One Direction stan account that garnered a little over 15,000 followers.

Perla avatar Perla

If you are eating what is called boneless chicken wings, you are actually eating a chicken nugget...

Paloma avatar Paloma

Danny DeVito, I have your account. I will give it to you for 700 US dollars, 4 hard-boiled eggs...

Max avatar Max

So that's how we found out that we have no biological relationship to my grandfather.

Brailey avatar Brailey

I start running to the bathroom. I am like, oh my goodness. I don't think I am going to make it...

Jonathan avatar Jonathan

...nightmares where a witch was chasing me with a broom, and she was trying to put me in her pot...

Mookie avatar Mookie

That's what I do here because I feel like I can't really talk to my conservative friends or family.

Deconstructing avatar Deconstructing

I would like to start a petition for Green M&M and bringing her gogo boots back...

DD avatar DD

...and she turns around and projectile vomits all over the front of this poor old lady...

Lauren avatar Lauren

...a bit of a fast food fiend, a drive-through diva. If it has a health score above 80, I don't want it.

Graham avatar Graham

Dolphins prefer to write about flaunting their hedonistic lifestyles like smoking seaweed...

Jack avatar Jack

No cap. This is what they used to sound, like, back in the day, like, Gilded Age time.

Mega avatar Mega

Did you hear about the one about the broken pencil? ... What's the point?

Ishita avatar Ishita

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This is dope.

Humble The Poet avatar Humble The Poet

Racket gives me the opportunity to test out new premises as a comic and listen to some great stories from some real cool people.


Probably one of my favorite apps at the moment.