A note from the Racket Team.

You’ve got something to say. Everyone does.

We thought it should be easier to get your voice on the web, to share your thoughts and discuss ideas out loud with friends as easily as you can Tweet and text. And we thought it should be easier to listen to what others have to say, that it’s hard to fit hour-long episodes into busy schedules, and that maybe we could all get our points across in less time. That we could just say our piece.

So we built the simplest recording studio we could. You go on stage, invite as many people as you want or go solo, hit record, and the clock starts ticking. You’ve then got 9 minutes to say what you want—and a moment later, you can share it with the world, with all the nuance and detail, the raw realness that makes live concerts and soapbox speeches great.

Ira Glass said radio was “like a machine for empathy and intimacy.” We think the web needs that, too. It needs your voice.

Let’s make a racket.

~ Racket Team

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